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Miguel Arguello (1941 - 2005)

1941 born July 1, in Madrid, Spain

1964 began his studies of art at Pena Academy in Madrid

1965-68 studied at the Academy of San Fernando in Madrid under Antonio Lopez

1965 selected by the Spanish government for an exhibition of young painters in Tokyo.

1965 received 1st prize in painting and 1st prize in drawing at the Academy of Fine Art in Madrid.

1966 again received 1st prize in painting at the Academy

1968-69 lived and painted in Galicia, Spain

1970-77 lived in Stockholm and London

1971 participated in the exhibition "Evolution and Continuity of Realism" at the Seiquer Gallery in Madrid

1973 participated in "Contemporary Spanish Artists" at Marlborough Gallery in London

1978 received the March Foundation grant

1978 invited by the University of Santa Cruz, California, to teach there as an artist in residence

1980 lived and worked in Chiapas, Mexico

1981 returned to the University of Santa Cruz to continue teaching painting, drawing and sculpture

1983 moved to New York City where he painted for 10 years

1984 participated in "Realists in Madrid" in Barcelona, Spain

1988 participated in "Realistic and Figurative Art" in Granada, Spain

1991 participated in "Spanish Realism: Two Generations" at the Leandro Navarron Gallery in Madrid

1992 participated in "Glass Garden" at the Leandro Navarron Gallery in Madrid

1993 participated in "Realism" at the Ansorena Gallery in Madrid

1993 embarked on a project of painting American southwestern landscapes from nature. Left New York for the desert

1993-2001 painted landscapes while traveling in southwestern USA

2001-2005 lived and worked in Florida and Mexico

2003 one man show at Dunedin Fine Art Center, Florida

2005, August 2, Miguel Arguello passed away

Many of his original paintings are in the possession of his wife Natasha Gray. Giclees and prints of his works can be purchased through her. Natasha at Wethegrays.com

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